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Retractable Tunnels

The Retractable tunnel is a folding modular tunnel, built using a concertina system. Retractable tunnels are emergency covers whenever required they can be opened and when not required the structure can simply be folded away. Quick and easy to install, the Retractable tunnel range can provide immediate cover/shelter as the situation demands it.


The retractable tunnels consist of a varying number of aluminium & steel structural arches (depending upon the length). The arches are connected by aluminium & steel pantographs, supported by nylon slides running in special grooves within the aluminium & steel profiles. Each arch is equipped with two nylon wheels so that the structural weight is evenly distributed along the ground. They are available with wheels that run along the track and are secured by means of a lift-proof system ensuring that the tunnel remains firmly fixed to the ground. These tunnels are also available with rubber wheels and not tracks are required, or swivel wheels without tracking for increased movement control. The retractable tunnels are covered with a tough flame retardant PVC coated fabrics, optional end door panels made with the same fabric that slide laterally on the brackets can also be provided, this is to close both the ends of the tunnels.
Retractable Tunnels

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