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Prefabricated Structure

Prefabricated tubular steel structures: the tubular section has more torsional resistance than other sections including the solid round one in different sizes. These tubular sheds are entirely prefabricated and can be transported to site in knock down condition. If welding problem so no welding is required at site.

These are following advantages of Pre-Fabricated tubular sheds

» These are pre-fabricated sheds and have 100% salvage value at any tme.
» It can be relocated to other location.
» If welding problem so no welding at site is required. It is very safe for industries were welding inside plant is restricted.
» The construction time is very less in comparison to civil work and other works.
» Theses prefabricated tubular steel sheds/structures are designed as per isi standard .
» The tubular sections have more torsional resistance than other sections of the equal weights. The tube sections have higher frequency vibrations under dynamic loading than other sections including the solid round one. The round tubular sections offer less resistance to wind.
» The round prefabricated steel tubular structures sections have as much as 30 to 40 % less area that of equivalent rolled steel shape. Therefore the cost of maintenance, cost of painting, fire-proofing or other protective coatings reduce considerably. The possibility of corrosion also reduces. The ends of tubes are sealed. As result of this the interior surface is not subjected to corrosion. The use of round tubular members is becoming more generally adopted for structures.
» Tubes are of special interest to the architects from an effective viewpoint and to the engineers from structural effectiveness viewpoint.

» Factory sheds,hotels, godown, vehicle stand, community halls, poultry sheds etc.