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Hangers Structure

Miri-Piri offers a versatile, durable building option for temporary or semi-permanent shelter needs where speed of installation or relocation is essential.

It is designed to be :

Designed to be installed quickly for temporary or permanent projects. With erection speeds of up to 10,000 square feet per day with only a ten man crew, no other system comes close. In addition, most sizes do not need cranes, reducing installation costs even further, and none of the structures require footings or foundations. With Miri-Piri Hangers , you also have the confidence that if usage needs change, it can be cost effectively relocated. In today's quickly changing environment, it is priceless to have this kind of flexibility for your building.
Very airtight right out of the box, these tents can be converted to complete airtight solutions for a nominal extra cost, opening up applications in Air conditioned party halls, banquet halls, relocatable offices etc.
With a full range of colors, digital printing, stripes and motives, only your imagination limits the possibilities for your structure's appearance. Miri-Piri tents are designed to work with the highest quality of fabrics with additional protective coatings. A translucent fabric creates a daylight environment.
When the need arises, your structure can be expanded by moving the gable end and adding more bays at any time. Doors and other openings can be added anytime with minimal effort.
Designed with various insulation options, that are equally relocatable, these tents are integrates with HVAC equipment, is completely watertight, and has options for hard walls and flame retardant fabrics.
Miri-Piri has so much confidence in this product that it provides up to a full 5 to 10 year system warranty. Your project is managed by a professional in-house project manager and installed with attention to the smallest detail by highly qualified installers that are trained in this product. Your building deserves it!